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If you came to this page to find out if Pinesville Lodge is real, the answer is Yes. The Lodge used in the Hallmark movie “A Christmas Together With You” is called Spirit Lodge, a well known Bed and Breakfast located in Vernon, B.C. , Canada.

During the Christmas season, Megan and her father-figure Frank head out on a road trip to find his long-lost love. Along the way, Megan finds the love of her own life.”

Hallmark’s films generally tend to create worlds that appear real to the viewers. Now, even if a setting is based on a real location, it doesn’t always have to be filmed at the same place. With Hallmark’s A Christmas Together With You, the entire small town of Pinesville is fiction. However, the actual spot where the makers shot this romantic piece was Spirit Lodge at Silver Star , located in Vernon, B.C., Canada